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VersyPDF Libraries

Feature Matrix

This table lists all major features of all editions.

VersyPDF Libraries features Editions
Standard fonts Yes Yes Yes
TrueType/OpenType fonts Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic font subsetting Yes Yes Yes
Unicode support for TrueType fonts Yes Yes Yes
Type1 fonts   Yes Yes
Parse EMF files
( Windows version only )
  Yes Yes
JPEG files Yes Yes Yes
PNG files   Yes Yes
TIFF files   Yes Yes
Flate Yes Yes Yes
JPEG Yes Yes Yes
CCITT Fax   Yes Yes
JBIG2   Yes Yes
40 bit Yes Yes Yes
128 bit Yes Yes Yes
128 bit Advanced Encryption Security   Yes Yes
Document creation
Create text, vector and images Yes Yes Yes
Support for image mask   Yes Yes
Outlines Yes Yes Yes
Extended Graphic states   Yes Yes
Threads   Yes Yes
Annotations Yes Yes Yes
Actions Yes Yes Yes
Supporting explicit and
named destinations
Yes Yes Yes
Document store/read
Linearization   Yes Yes
Packaging   Yes Yes
Unused object removal   Yes Yes
Serealize a document to memory
or a file on disk
Yes Yes Yes
Read document from memory or a file     Yes
Create new form fields   Yes Yes
Read/write form fields values     Yes
Form field names management     Yes
Supporting digital signature     Yes
Page management
Splitting pages     Yes
Merging and appending pages     Yes
Page rotation     Yes
Adjust page dimensions     Yes
Insert or append new content
to existing pages
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